AUTHOR AMY FREEMAN- Paranormal Romance and Horror writer...The subconscious mind- where our brightest potential and our darkest fears order to grow we must wake them both.

Author Amy Freeman

Author of the award winning "SHINE" series available now


The thrill ride continues in 2014! Details coming soon!!


SECOND EDITION OF SHINE COMING MID-OCTOBER 2013!! Who will get to Sam first? Her beyond beautiful soul mate and protector...or the very epitome of evil itself?...DON'T MISS "SHINE" - Available now on, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million and Kindle! Fantastic images of the Manpupuner rock formation in the Komi Republic of Russia- guardians of the Veduny tribe. Trin's bracelet with the gemstone and engraving concealed beneath, and Veduny eyes at work...

Author Amy Freeman

Author Amy Freeman keeps one foot on the ground, and the other deep in the Paranormal Romance and Horror worlds. Travel with her for spine-chilling supernatural plots laced with sultry passion. Amy is the author of the award winning Paranormal Romance "SHINE" the first installment of the Veduny series available now on, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million and Kindle! Endure her raucous ramblings by visiting her blog at




Amy is a writer, wife, mother and dancer- mesmerized by the endless potential of the human spirit. She lives in St. Augustine, Florida with her husband and the youngest of her five children. DREAM CAST FOR "SHINE, the Knowing ones"- Annable Odette as Sam, Liam Hemsworth as Trin, and Chris Hemsworth as Anvil and Ashbel Stolchev.